This pup is looking for a home! Model in all photos is 5'2.

The Suit:

This is a brand new WildLife patchy mutt fursuit + character, worn only for fittings and photographs.  The head is made from fabric and foam.  Vision is good!  This head runs a bit small on the inside, and will be tight on folks with a larger head than 24". We do not build our heads to accommodate glasses at this time. No magnetic eyelids on this suit.

The body has two removable pillow-style pads and two more sewn into the hocks.  Please be aware that this style of costume is !!!HOT!!! to wear due to the body padding.  The bodysuit zipper is in front for easy in and out. Tail is attachable by belt, you provide your own belt. The spandex-lined feet will fit US womens size 6-10 and have comfy shock-absorbing insoles. If your feet are extra small, you can slip shoes, slippers or insoles into the feet.  This suit features our new puffy minky pawpad style, which are super soft to the touch, and have a little extra padding between your finger and pawpad.  

We use the highest quality furs we can find, and use heavy duty upholstery thread for all of our sewing.  Like all of our costumes, it's 100% machine washable, following our instructions.

This fursuit will fit wearers between 5' - ~5'7 tall. It was built to fit folks smaller than most of our previous fursuits.  It does technically fit wearers up to 6', but the knees are in the wrong place for the digitigrade illusion to work convincingly.  The model in all of the photos is 185 lbs, and 5'2 in height.  

Maximum chest size is 46"
Maximum waist size is 42"
Maximum inseam is 30" 
Maximum hip diameter is 48"
Maximum torso length is 29-30"
Maximum arm length is 19"
Maximum head circumference is 23-24"
Maximum face circumference is 24-25"
Maximum foot size is US 10Womens (no shoes inside though, they take a wide range of foot sizes).
Maximum weight we have tested-185 lbs (5'2). It does has room for more, but we don't know exactly how much.  This body pattern is larger in the shoulders than our older standard pattern.

We do not guarantee fit beyond the posted guidelines. Shorter, slimmer wearers may experience more of a baggy, wrinkly look.  We are happy to tailor the lower back, and the hips, for a more slender look on slender figures.  Other than this, we will not tailor this suit to fit larger or smaller builds; it comes as-is.  

Shipping and Payment:

We will ship the costume once payment has cleared. Buyer pays for the cost of shipping with insurance on top of offer, which is usually about $80 inside the US but can be $150+ internationally, plus customs fees and import taxes upon arrival to your country. Insurance is required.  We ship anywhere in the world. We ship using USPS West of the Rockies and internationally, and FedEx for elsewhere in the USA.  We can also deliver in person at Further Confusion.

We require payment in full within 5 days of accepting an offer. We accept payment in the form of cashiers checks, money orders, international postal money orders, and Paypal. If sending international postal money orders, extra time beyond 5 days within reason is allowable.  For this particular costume, we will also accept payment in person, in cash, at Further Confusion, with delivery there.  

Absolutely NO payment plans, NO trades, and NO buyers under 18 years of age.
Please make an offer ONLY if you are seriously interested in buying this costume, and capable of paying in full, within 5 days.
FYI our household includes dogs and a cat, but they never come in direct contact with our fursuit studio, materials, or projects.  

Again, if you have any questions not addressed above, please contact before offering, or direct message us on Twitter @wild__life

To make an offer:

We are considering offers over $4500 for this costume. This is not an auction and we will not be disclosing the highest bid, so please place your offer accordingly.  You may update your offer at any point.  We will not disclose offer amounts, and will keep names private.

EDIT: Offers are now CLOSED for this costume, it has sold! 
To send an offer- Please email us at:
Please include your name/fandom name, offer amount, height/weight and any questions or comments you may have!  In your email please include links to your twitter/fa/etc, this will help us identify you as a real person. We will email you back to confirm that we received your offer. 

Offers will close Sunday, January 7, at 9PM PST.  Upon the following day we will choose an offer and will respond to everyone who submitted an offer by email.

Thank you for your interest!