We have 9 years of costume building experience here at Wild Life!  Costume building is a passion of ours; we put love and hard work into every costume we produce.  We do not take custom commissions, preferring to explore and develop ideas without the constraints of deadlines and expectations.  We love the process of evolving a character from a vague idea to a unique, fully rendered costume. This allows us to present a quality product that is available to you quickly after purchase.  You get exactly what you see!

Our characters are designed around loose ideas, and then refined throughout the building of the costumes.  What starts out as a husky might become a wolf, a solid black wolf might turn into one with more complex markings, and then might even turn into a lady-wolf.  It is all part of the creative process for us.  We strive to bring you characters you have never met before, drawing inspiration from photographs, cartoons, anatomy illustrations, and videos of animals in the wild to develop appealing designs that capture the qualities of their species.  We believe facial expression is the heart of a character and we take care to craft unique, expressive faces that enhance each suit's personality, whether it's mischievous, surly, bashful, or downright giddy.

Our heads are lightweight and sturdy. They can be squished, crushed, packed, machine washed, and worn long and hard while retaining their shape. They are hand-carved out of upholstery foam and fully lined without the use of conventional Lycra balaclavas.  There is no raw foam exposed anywhere, and there are no hardened glue blobs to scratch your face because we do not use hot glue in the construction of the bases.  Our teeth and noses are made out of durable upholstery fabric; they won't break, fall off, or accidentally bonk anyone.   

Wild Life paws are cozy, comfy, and durable. They are 100% sewn and do not use hot glue in the construction.  The claws are stuffed fabric sewn into (not simply onto) the paws. They look fierce and give good scritches, but they won't put your eye out. We use a very high grade upholstery material to make our claws and paw pads, so you can wear them indoors and outdoors. Pads and claws can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and the paws - like the rest of the costumes - are machine-washable. 

Our standard handpaws are a cartoony four-fingered design, but we also craft special hands, wings and hooves for certain species. The wrists are long for full coverage and are lined at the openings. Rather than building feet around shoes, we have developed our own design with high-density foam insoles attached to extra-thick spandex liners that stretch to fit a range of different foot sizes. 

We take pride in creating body suits that fit well and are visually appealing.  Through creative patterning, tailoring, and padding, our costumes exaggerate and distort the human form to make the wearer more crittery. We often employ removable padding in the form of custom-made pillows (rather than solid foam) in our legs, chests, bellies, and booties. Digitigrade legs are one of our specialties, and our digitigrade suits fit folks across a broad range of heights. Tails are either sewn to the body, or attachable by belt with sturdy nylon belt-loops.  We hand-embroider the opening in the body for the tail so that it never rips.   

We use the highest quality materials we can find to build our costumes.  Faux furs and structural fabrics are hand selected for softness, strength, and color coordination.  All of our sewing is done with nylon upholstery thread which does not break or pop over time, and high-stress areas are reinforced with double stitching. All of our suits are 100% machine-washable, and with proper care they will provide years of enjoyment.

We are constantly striving to improve our craft, experimenting with new designs, techniques, and materials. Each fursuit we make represents love, attention to detail, and our full effort to the best of our abilities. It makes us incredibly happy to see our costumes go to customers who are as excited about them as we are, and we love watching them come to life in their new homes.  We sell our suits via auction as they are completed, and you can watch for updates here as well as on Twitter, Tumblr, and FurAffinity.